Advertising in Maxitaxi in Chisinau

Advertising in maxitaxi is an effective way to promote your company’s products or services. Sometimes better than radio or TV, because the promotional message can not be interrupted by changing the radio frequency or TV channel.

The advertising leaflet will be placed in a cover on the back of the seat so the travelers can see it throughout the journey even repeatedly because they can use the same units of maxitaxi throughout the day.

Advertising in maxitaxi on 100% of covers in 1 transport unit

No. of transport
1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months6 months
10490 lei470 lei450 lei430 lei410 lei390 lei
11-15480 lei460 lei440 lei420 lei400 lei380 lei
16-20470 lei450 lei430 lei410 lei390 lei370 lei
21-30460 lei440 lei420 lei400 lei380 lei360 lei
31-50450 lei430 lei410 lei390 lei370 lei350 lei
> 50440 lei420 lei400 lei380 lei360 lei340 lei
Choose quantity
  • The price is per 1 month for 1 transport unit;
  • Calculation formula: no. transport units * no. months * price = total amount. (Example: I you would like to order 10 transport units for a period of 2 months, it will cost 10 x 2 x 470 = 9400 lei);
  • The prices does not include printing promo materials (4 lei/pcs);
  • Minimum placement – 2 month;
  • The price includes VAT.

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